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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boys Then and Now

Benjamin weighed 3lbs 4oz at birth and now weighs around 19 lbs (can update tomorrow after the pediatrician).  Noah weighed in at a whopping 2lbs even and now weighs around 23 lbs (can update tomorrow after the pediatrician).  Confused by the weight change?!?!? Me too! 

Benjamin is developmentally pretty close to what we would expect for his chronological age (age based on his birthday).  He is incredibly active and is crawling like a mad man, walking on his hind legs and hands, and climbing everything he can.  He also has feeding/vomiting issues.  In other words, he burns alot of calories and doesn't eat or keep in enough.  He actually lost weight last month.  We are pretty concerned and he receives speech/feeding therapy and he is undergoing various tests with a gastroenterologist to make sure that he doesn't end up with major feeding issues.

Noah however does not have any feeding issues.  He has never had a problem that a bottle or a snack wouldn't solve.  Again on the flip side of his brother- Noah is not yet mobile.  He is finally rolling pretty well, but he can't yet crawl and isn't really using the rolling to get around.  He is pivoting on his tummy and reaching further.  He does this precious little bounce on his bottom to get where he wants to go.  It takes a while, but he mostly gets there.  He occasionally tips over, which he doesn't love (we call him a little teapot).  He receives PT and OT. 

The boys are really in different sized clothes.  Alot of the 18 month clothes are borderline too small for Noah and the pants fall off of Benjamin (literally).  It's going to be interesting to see how and if that changes as they get older.

I feel like we spend alot of time in therapy.  I keep trying to reduce services, but somehow something always seems to happen to just change our focus, but not our hours.  I am just exhausted with therapy and would like to just have more "normal" days at home or doing just fun activities.  Our calendar gets a little overwhelming.  Next post I'll do a typical week or two on the calendar- knowing that things continually change and have to be juggled and then copy a page out of a friend's blog and do a typical day.

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