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Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's so silly, but I don't know when in our 15+ years together and I have had a better time together than in our recent Glee Marathon.  We watched all 22 episodes of season 1 in about 2 weeks or less and now trying to take advantage of a free trial of Hulu plus we are on episode 15 of season 2 in 1 week.  For those of you feeling a little math challenged that is 37 hour-long episodes of Glee in about 21 days. I think that considering the life we are living that is pretty darn amazing!  We actually sat next to each other on the sofa once.  Granted, we aren't solving the worlds problems... heck, not even the problems in our own house, but we are bonding and enjoying ourselves immensely.  I realize that the issues of these teenagers and even their "old" teachers who are mostly younger than us aren't really relevant to us, but the music... oh the music.  We just can't wait for the kids to go to bed so that we can score our Glee! I am beginning to feel a little sad in realizing that we have only 6 more episodes left of season 2. Very little about the kids in this post other than how we can get rid of them so we can have us time in front of the tube. It must appear that all we do is watch tv when my FB was all about Sarah's tv options and then tonight I'm going on about Glee... not true, but hey a girl's entitled to a little escape occasionally, right?

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