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Monday, July 18, 2011


Benjamin had his endoscopy on Monday. We are still giving him a night/early morning bottle if he wants it since he is struggling with weight gain. Well, it's as if he knew he couldn't have one because he woke up at 2:30 am and refused to go back to sleep without a bottle. So, he didn't go back to sleep. We had to be at VCU at 7am... yeah, the registration person didn't even get there until 7:20 and they didn't take us back until 8:30. We had one ticked off munchkin. He did really well though. Fortunately we were able to be with him and I got to hold him while they put him to sleep so he wouldn't be more scared than necessary. We were in the waiting room for 45 minutes when the doctor said 20-30 minutes. That was nerve-wracking to say the least. Then after in recovery he fought us and cried nonstop for about 30 minutes... so pitiful! He was so ticked when he was only offered water/juice at first. He flat out refused to take any of it. Finally we were able to give him formula and he took about 3 oz and then fell asleep. He slept through having iv removed and the walk to the car. He woke up on the way home, but was fine. The doctor said that he has mild to moderate scarring from reflux (duh) and we will know on Thursday about the EE.  He didn't see any obvious evidence though so we are encouraged that just therapy will solve this.

When we got home it was so cute... the boys had to catch up. They sat in their highchairs and "chatted" for a while... it was like the twin youtube video. He napped and got back into the routine aside from being extra tired.  Tomorrow's another day.

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